OU Policies and Resources

Required Policies

The University asks that the following policies be shared on syllabi:

Copyright Syllabus Statement for In-Person or Online Courses

Sessions of this course may be recorded or live-streamed. These recordings are the intellectual property of the individual faculty member and may not be shared or reproduced without the explicit, written consent of the faculty member. In addition, privacy rights of others such as students, guest lecturers, and providers of copyrighted material displayed in the recording may be of concern. Students may not share any course recordings with individuals not enrolled in the class, or upload them to any other online environment.

Academic Integrity

The University’s Academic Integrity and Cheating policies are online. Please read them. My policies are in the Assignments and Grading section of the syllabus.

Religious Observance

It is the policy of the University to excuse the absences of students that result from religious observances and to reschedule examinations and additional required classwork that may fall on religious holidays, without penalty.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Students requiring academic accommodation should contact the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center for assistance at (405) 325-3852 or TDD: (405) 325-4173. For more information please visit http://www.ou.edu/drc/home.html. Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him or her from fully demonstrating his or her abilities should contact me personally as soon as possible so we can discuss accommodations necessary to ensure full participation and facilitate your educational opportunities

Adjustments for Pregnancy/Childbirth Related Issues

Should you need modifications or adjustments to your course requirements because of documented pregnancy-related or childbirth-related issues, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss.  Generally, modifications will be made where medically necessary and similar in scope to accommodations based on temporary disability.  Please see www.ou.edu/content/eoo/faqs/pregnancy-faqs.html for commonly asked questions.

Title IX Resources

For any concerns regarding gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, or intimate partner violence, the University offers a variety of resources, including advocates on-call 24.7, counseling services, mutual no contact orders, scheduling adjustments and disciplinary sanctions against the perpetrator.  Please contact the Sexual Misconduct Office 405-325-2215 (8-5, M-F) or OU Advocates 405-615-0013 (24.7) to learn more or to report an incident.

Final Exam Preparation Period

Pre-finals week will be defined as the seven calendar days before the first day of finals. Faculty may cover new course material throughout this week. For specific provisions of the policy please refer to OU’s Final Exam Preparation Period policy (https://apps.hr.ou.edu/FacultyHandbook#4.10)).

Note: this policy does not apply to this class, because we don’t have a final exam scheduled.

Emergency Protocol

During an emergency, there are official university procedures that will maximize your safety.

Severe Weather

If you receive an OU Alert to seek refuge or hear a tornado siren that signals severe weather

LOOK for severe weather refuge location maps located inside most OU buildings near the entrances

SEEK refuge inside a building. Do not leave one building to seek shelter in another building that you deem safer. If outside, get into the nearest building.

GO to the building’s severe weather refuge location. If you do not know where that is, go to the lowest level possible and seek refuge in an innermost room. Avoid outside doors and windows.


WAIT for official notice to resume normal activities. Link to Severe Weather Refuge Areas , Severe Weather Preparedness – Video

Armed Subject/Campus Intruder

If you receive an OU Alert to shelter-in-place due to an active shooter or armed intruder situation or you hear what you perceive to be gunshots:

GET OUT: If you believe you can get out of the area WITHOUT encountering the armed individual, move quickly towards the nearest building exit, move away from the building, and call 911.

HIDE OUT: If you cannot flee, move to an area that can be locked or barricaded, turn off lights, silence devices, spread out, and formulate a plan of attack if the shooter enter the room.

TAKE OUT: As a last resort fight to defend yourself. For more information, visit http://www.ou.edu/emergencypreparedness.html

Shots Fired on Campus Procedure – Video Fire Alarm/General Emergency

If you receive an OU Alert that there is danger inside or near the building, or the fire alarm inside the building activates:

LEAVE the building. Do not use the elevators.

KNOW at least two building exits

ASSIST those that may need help

PROCEED to the emergency assembly area 5 ONCE safely outside, NOTIFY first responders of anyone that may still be inside building due to mobility issues.

WAIT for official notice before attempting to re-enter the building.
OU Fire Safety on Campus

Mental Health Support Services

If you are experiencing any mental health issues that are impacting your academic performance, counseling is available at the University Counseling Center (UCC). The Center is located on the second floor of the Goddard Health Center, at 620 Elm Rm. 201, Norman, OK 73019. To schedule an appointment call (405) 325-2911. For more information please visit http://www.ou.edu/ucc.

Helpful Numbers for Students
Courtesy Prof. John Hansen (Classics and Letters)


On or Off-Campus, including cell-phones, 24/7: 911 (Call 911 first, OU Emergency second!)
OUPD Emergency. 24/7: 405-325-1911
Safe Ride, Thurs – Sat 10 PM – 3 AM (OU Students): Download ‘OU Safe Ride’ App
Safe Walk, 8 PM – 2 AM: 405-325-9255 (= 325-WALK)
OU Advocates, 24/7: 405-615-0013 (see below) – violence or harassment
Behavior Intervention Team, 24/7: 405-325-7700 (see below) – another person is a danger
OU Campus Police (non-emergency): 405-325-1717
Norman Police (non-emergency): 405-321-1600
Norman Rape Crisis Line (Women’s Resource Center): 405-701-5550
Domestic Violence Crisis Line (Women’s Resource Center): 405-701-5540 –
emergency shelter

MEDICAL (non-emergency)

Goddard Health Center, M-F 8 AM – 6 PM: 405-325-4611
Fees vary, but you do not have to have medical insurance. Get FLU-SHOTS in late October. COVID-19 testing is available.
Norman Regional Hospital: 405-307-1000
Classen Urgent Care Clinic, 7 days 7 AM – 10 PM: 405-701-7111 (options for


If you experience a health crisis during Counseling Center hours, a faculty or staff member can walk you over to Goddard.
University Counseling Center, Goddard 201, M-F 8 AM – 5 PM: 405-325-2911 ($10 per session) Career Counseling is also available.
National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 24/7: 800-273-8255
Heartline, 24/7: 211 – general mental and emotional health


Career Services, OMU Suite 323, 405-325-1974;
Also see the Corporate Engagement and Career Development Office in the CAS


Gender + Equality Center – social justice for women and LGBTQ students
OMU Suite 207, M – F 8 AM – 5 PM: 405-325-4929; gec@ou.edu
OU Advocates, 24/7: 405-615-0013
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – support for diversity and inclusion of both
individuals and groups on campus
Evans Hall 201: 405-325-7314
Reporting Hotline, 24/7: 844-428-6531 (OU Board of Regents)
Institutional Equity Office (Title IX Office) – to report bias, discrimination,
harassment, or misconduct by OU community members
Officer Faustina Layne: 405-325-3546 or 405-325-2215; faustinalayne@ouhsc.edu
Reporting Hotline, 24/7: 844-428-6531 (online reporting is also available)
Academic Integrity, Carnegie Building: integrity@ou.edu
Student Conduct: 405-325-1540
OU Food Pantry, Stubbeman Village, Tuesday/Wednesday, 11-1/4:30-6:30 PM:
405-325-2044; OUpantry@ou.edu
Register through ENGAGE and fill out a ‘Food Pantry Online Shopping Form’
Sooners Helping Sooners, OMU Suite 370 – emergency funds
Apply online: https://www.ou.edu/give/shs
OU Compass Network – a gateway to many student resources, particularly if you feel you have to drop out of school
Cate 4 (3rd fl), M – F 8 AM – 5 PM: 405-325-8103; compassnetwork@ou.edu
Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) – if you think a student is a danger to self or others, 24/7: 405-325-7700; normanbit@ou.edu
OU Project Threshold – to assist first generation, economically disadvantaged, or with a disability
Wagner Hall 215: 405-325-6261; scady@ou.edu
OU Student Legal Services – if you need to speak with a lawyer
Couch Tower, 2nd Floor East, M – Thurs 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM: 405-325-6875;


Student Learning Center – tutoring for many subjects is offered throughout campus
Writing Center – for help with writing and research
University Libraries – if you have a question, ask them!
405-325-4142; for texts = 405-592-4199; also stop by in person at the Biz, or
use the Online Chat on this page:
Academic Life Coaching https://www.ou.edu/alc